Brachial Plexus

Brachial plexus birth palsy, more often referred to as Erb’s palsy, is when the arm is weakened or paralyzed because of an injury to the arm’s nerves that form a part of the brachial plexus. The brachial plexus is a group of nerves that are close to the neck and they help to control the arm’s nerves, which provide feeling and movement to the arm, hand and fingers. If a child suffers from Erb’s palsy, their arm has weakened or is paralyzed because of damage to their brachial plexus nerves, thus affecting the movement of their upper arm and the rotation of their lower arm.

What Causes Erb’s Palsy?

If a child suffers from Erb’s palsy, it is most commonly because of dystocia, which is an abnormal or difficult labor and delivery. Erb’s palsy is the result of downward lateral traction being applied by the doctor to the baby’s head and neck if the baby gets stuck in the birth canal. Shoulder dystocia occurs when the baby’s shoulders have a problem getting past the mother’s public bone. If this happens, the doctors will try to adjust the baby’s shoulders so they can get through.

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