Delayed C-Section

A cesarean section, or C-section, is a surgical delivery of a baby that may be planned and scheduled or unplanned due to complications during a vaginal delivery. Though C-sections generally have more risk than a vaginal delivery, they are considered safe and actually help at-risk women to deliver with less complications if emergencies arise. If a necessary C-section is delayed, it can leave the baby and mother at risk for serious outcomes, such as cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, shoulder dystocia, and death.

Doctor Negligence

Regrettably, there are numerous reasons that a doctor would delay a C-section, leaving the mom and baby susceptible to critical health complications including the following:

  • Missing crucial symptoms of the mother or baby during labor or delivery
  • Failure to properly monitor the mom and baby, overlooking signs of distress
  • Hospital concerns about insurance
  • Understaffed hospital

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