Life Care Plans

Unfortunately, birth injuries can cause many different types of disabilities that can last a lifetime. The severity of a birth injury can range from mild to severe, but no matter what type or severity they have, a Life Care Plan will be able to assist with the financial costs that arise from the medical costs, educational expenses and any other type of expenses they encounter during their lifetime that is related to their disability.

A Life Care Plan is a legal document that is composed by several different medical experts and specialists. They will determine what the child is going to need throughout their life in order to stay as healthy and comfortable as they can They will give an estimate as to how much these needs will cost, keeping in mind the rate of inflation throughout the years. This document is used very often in case a birth injury trial takes place, so the party responsible for the injuries will be required to pay for the long-term damages from the injuries.

Not only does a Life Care Plan put a monetary figure on the burden that has been placed on the family, but its main goal is to ensure that the child will receive proper care and treatment throughout their entire life.
A Life Care Plan’s goal is to plan for any costs associated with permanent care for the child throughout their entire life.

It will usually include:

  • A list of the physicians and medical team responsible for the medical care of the infant
  • Adaptive equipment and toys that are required
  • Educational expenses
  • In-home care expenses
  • List of anticipated medical procedures
  • Lost wages
  • Modifications needed for the home
  • Occupational, speech, and speech therapies if applicable
  • Special modifications
  • Transportation costs