Living with a Birth Injury

What the child’s life will be like after sustaining a birth injury will be dependent on the type of injury they sustained and the severity. Some children will be able to lead a fairly normal life and will not require any special accommodations, but other children are left with incredibly severe injuries that can cause brain damage or other physical disabilities that will require many accommodations.

Many children who suffer a birth injury will have difficulties with both their fine motor and gross motor skills, so there is likely going to be a need to make some changes in your home. Depending on what the disability is, there may be a need to include toilet chairs or bath chairs and you may need to make your home accessible for a wheelchair. If the child has a learning disability, they may not learn at the same rate as other children their age, and there may be a need to protect the child by placing harmful objects out of their reach.

If your child requires special accommodations for their education, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ensures that any child with a disability has access to special education, early intervention and any other special types of services that will assist them in learning successfully. The Individual Education Plan (IEP), is managed and mandated by IDEA and they make sure that any child who has a disability receives an individualized learning plan that will help them to reach their educational goals. IDEA also mandates the 504 plan, which is a law that forbids any type of discrimination for someone with disabilities and it ensures that the student receives special allowances for their education.

It can be difficult for a child with disabilities to interact in social situations. Teachers and special education teachers need to make sure that the child is never bullied or discriminated against because of their disabilities. It is important to expose a child with disabilities to other children to give them the best chance at being social active and to put them into situations in which they can make friends.