Referring Attorneys

Here at Romanucci & Blandin, we welcome referral cases from law firms throughout Illinois and the entire United States. Sometimes there are times when attorneys and firms require additional expertise and resources, both financial and legal, to being a legal matter to justice. You should consider contacting Romanuci & Blandin if you have a case that you know is beyond your resources in terms of manpower or expertise. We have a wide network of referring attorneys throughout the country and we pay a great deal each year in referral fees. If you are in need of assistance with a birth injury case or medical malpractice case, then feel free to contact us today. Our firm have the capabilities to handle any challenging cases you might need assistance with. Attorneys from across the country feel confident recommending our services to their clients because they are aware of our long history of success.

What is our referral process?
At Romanucci & Blandin, we are always devoted to ensuring that the referral experience is a positive and beneficial one for all parties involved. After we accept your referral, we enter into a contract with you and your client to establish the distribution of monetary fees. The importance of this is that it will ensure that all parties are both informed and protected. Another great thing about working with our firm is that we are extremely flexible when it comes to your degree of involvement in a case. We have worked with many different referring attorneys who all differed in the level of involvement they preferred. We have worked with some attorneys who prefer a very hands-on level of participation, those who want to be involved only at critical parts of the process and many do not want any involvement whatsoever once the fee-sharing agreement is executed.

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